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This guide contains great resources for teachers about many of issues in teaching.

Featured Books

The Mindfulness Schools Curriculum for Adolescents

A flexible set of lessons tailored to the developmental needs of adolescents, based on research in behavioral science. Arguably, no student population stands to gain more from mindfulness practice-- with its power to enhance emotion regulation, attention stability, and self- awareness-- than students between the ages of thirteen and twenty. Each lesson in this book includes a "science supplement" with research findings relevant to the practice, and handouts summarizing key aspects of the lesson that can be distributed to students.

Teaching When the World Is on Fire

Lisa Delpit gathers all-star advice for K-12 teachers on engaging students around today's toughest issues. Is it okay to discuss politics in class? How can teachers talk about immigration without putting undocumented students in the spotlight or at risk? What are constructive ways to help young people process the daily news coverage of sexual assault? Hate speech? This timely, urgent volume is sure to inspire teachers who are eager to support their students in navigating the current events, cultural shifts, and social dilemmas that shape our communities, our country, and our world.

Better Than Carrots or Sticks

Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey provide a practical blueprint for creating a cooperative and respectful classroom climate in which students and teachers work through behavioral issues together. After a comprehensive overview of the roots of the restorative practices movement in schools, the authors explain how to * Establish procedures and expectations for student behavior that encourage the development of positive interpersonal skills; * Develop a nonconfrontational rapport with even the most challenging students; and * Implement conflict resolution strategies that prioritize relationship building and mutual understanding over finger-pointing and retribution.

Teacher's Field Guide

Fifty percent of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Of those who stay, most go through periods of burnout. This book offers tips, tools, and strategies to lessen the stress, and increase the joy in teaching. It supports each teacher in seven important areas of their personal and professional lives:

Vintage Innovation

Vintage Innovation redefines innovation not as "new and flashy" but as "better and different." It's a mash-up of low-fi tech and new tech. It's the idea that innovation happens when teachers take a both/and approach as they empower their students in the present to prepare them for an uncertain future. Teachers ask: How do I innovate when I don't have the best technology? How can I use vintage tools, ideas, and approaches in new ways? How can I use constraints to spark creativity? This books provides answers to those questions and more!

High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms

High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms offers a set of practices that are integral to the
support of student learning, and that can be systematically taught, learned, and implemented by those entering the teaching profession. The book focuses primarily on Tiers 1 and 2, or work that mostly occurs with students with mild disabilities in general education classrooms; and provides rich, practical information highly suitable for teachers

Design Thinking in the Classroom

Whether your students are tackling project-based learning or developing solutions in the STEM maker lab, design thinking will help them be more innovative. The design-thinking process, practices and mindsets teach 21st-century skills such as adaptability, collaboration and critical thinking.

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Remote Teaching

Teaching Effectively with Zoom

IThis book takes a step back, and focuses on helping educators teach effective live online sessions with Zoom. Dan Levy offers practical pedagogical advice for educators on questions such as:Why and how to use breakout rooms Should you use chat, and if so, how? How do you build community in a virtual classroom?

Sail the 7 Cs with Microsoft Education

Becky Keene and Kathi Kersznowski bring the world into your classroom through Microsoft Education. Learn how this suite of accessible, innovative digital tools is revolutionizing education around the globe and offering students the chance to become true changemakers.

Stepping up to Google Classroom

An up-to-date guide for educators who want to get started with Google Classroom now. By guiding readers through fifty straightforward and accessible steps and offering a host of tips for customization, this book ensures that teachers with all levels of tech comfortability can make the most of Google Classroom's powerful tools. It's designed to help you go beyond a merely paperless approach to education and instead use technology to improve student engagement and learning.

Google Apps for Littles

In Google Apps for Littles, Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler encourage teachers to tap into their young students' curiosity, particularly when it comes to technology. The authors share a wealth of innovative ways to integrate digital tools in the primary classroom to make learning engaging and relevant for even the youngest of today's twenty-first-century learners.

Control Alt Achieve

Eric Curts offers you the keys to revolutionizing classroom learning with the Google tools you already use. Dazzle your students by transforming Google Docs into blackout poetry, fire up creative possibilities by using Google Slides for comic strips, and make math more accessible and fun by turning to Google Drawings as an unlikely ally. With Eric as your guide to the technological horizons of Google tools, the possibilities are endless

Online Teaching in K-12

Online Teaching in K-12 is the hands-on reference for education professionals. This book brings together more than two dozen experts to present innovative programs and practices, useful tools and resources, and need-to-know information on diverse aspects of online teaching and learning.

Best Practices in Engaging Online Learners Through Active and Experiential Learning Strategies

This book explores the integration of active and experiential learning approaches and activities including gamification, social media integration, and project- and scenario-based learning, as they relate to the development of authentic skill-building, communication, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills in learners. Readers will find guidelines for the development of participatory peer-learning, cooperative education, and service learning opportunities in the online classroom. In addition, the authors provide effective learning strategies, resources, and tools that align learner engagement with course outcomes.

Teaching Children Online

Meskill and Anthony offer a wealth of examples of what successful online teaching looks like, and provide a rich source of practical, conversation-based strategies for optimizing online learning. This book will inspire anyone teaching or planning to teach fully online, or in a blended or hybrid format, by demonstrating how well constructed online conversations constitute powerful teaching.

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