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Games and Gamification

This guide for teachers has materials related to educational games and gamification. Featured books and games can be borrowed from your ATA Library

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Unlocking the Potential of Puzzle-Based Learning

Applying escape room concepts to the classroom, this book offers practical advice on how to create immersive, collaborative learning experiences for your students without the need for expensive resources and tools.

Teaching Games and Game Studies in the Literature Classroom

Teaching Games and Game Studies in the Literature Classroom offers practical suggestions for educators looking to incorporate ludic media, ranging from novels to video games and from poems to board games, into their curricula.

Game on? Brain On!

Get in the game The research is clear: human beings are born to play. In Game On? Brain On , Lindsay Portnoy unpacks the games and playful experiences that invite engagement and deep learning.

Gaming SEL

Games enable children to practice emotions in spaces that are free from actualized consequences. With thoughtful guidance, games can help children manage emotions, perspective-take, demonstrate empathic concern, and exhibit prosocial behaviors.

Math Games for Geometry and Measurement

These twenty-three carefully selected, classroom-tested games can be played successfully by learners on their own or during math workshop.

We the Gamers

Combining research-based perspectives and current examples, this volume shows how games can be used in ethics, civics, and social studies education to inspire learning,

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