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Games and Gamification

This guide for teachers has materials related to educational games and gamification. Featured books and games can be borrowed from your ATA Library

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Make Learning Magical

Laughter, fun, and gamified experiences can make school a place where students are inspired, empowered, and immersed in learning--and it doesn't require illusions or smoke and mirrors. The actionable techniques Tisha shares will equip you to put your students center stage in their learning experiences.

Serious Play

Serious Play is a comprehensive account of the possibilities and challenges of teaching and learning with digital games in primary and secondary schools. This book explores digital games' capacity to engage and challenge, present complex representations and experiences, and foster deep learning.  These exciting approaches illuminate the role of context in gameplay as well as the links between digital culture, gameplay and identity in learners' lives.

Gamify Your Classroom

This updated field guide is packed with new innovative ideas on how to implement game-based learning and gamification techniques in everyday teaching. The author shares conversations with experts from numerous organizations such as Common Sense Media and others. This book provides new practical lesson plan ideas, ready-to-use games, and links for further research in each updated chapter. Included are best practice recommendations from star game-based learning teachers. 

Press Start to Begin

There is an engagement crisis in education. Students begin school with excitement in their eyes then often grow to dislike it. Why? 'Press Start to Begin' dives into this issue and lays out just how you can tackle it using the concept of gamification. This is the only product of its kind that guides the user on how to gamifiy their classroom from start to finish. Backed by information and research from industry leaders this is the ultimate tool for classroom gamification.

Game-Based Learning in Action

Matthew Farber explores how one affinity group of K12 educators--known as "The Tribe"--teaches with games. They are transformational leaders outside the classroom, in communities of practice. They mentor and lead newcomers to game-based learning, as well as advise game developers, academics, and policymakers. eachers in "The Tribe" do not teach in isolation--they share, support, and mentor each other in a community of practice.

Barnga: a simulation game on culture clashes

Barnga is the classic simulation game for exploring communication challenges across cultures. While playing Barnga, participants experience the shock of realizing that despite their good intentions and the many similarities amongst themselves, people interpret things differently from in profoundly important ways, especially people from differing cultures. Players learn that they must understand and reconcile these differences if they want to function effectively in a cross-cultural group.

Gamify Literacy

Haiken brings together top educators and gaming professionals to share gamification strategies, demonstrating how teachers can use gaming tools and activities to improve literacy and content learning.This friendly, accessible guide provides classroom educators and tech coaches with tips and inspiration on how to apply gaming techniques to improve literacy and deepen student collaboration and critical thinking.

Level up Your Classroom

Games are well known for their ability to inspire persistence. The best ones feature meaningful choices that have lasting consequences, reward experimentation, provide a like-minded community of players, and encourage risk-taking behavior. Players feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. A gamified lesson bears these same hallmarks. It is explicitly game-like in its design and fosters perseverance, creativity, and resilience. Students build knowledge through experimentation and apply what they've learned to fuel further exploration.

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