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Educational Technology

This guide contains resources for digital storytelling, infographics, presentations, as well as free online journals on these topics

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

The Flight of a Butterfly or the Path of a Bullet?

In this book, Larry Cuban looks at the uses and effects of digital technologies in K-12 classrooms, exploring if and how technology has transformed teaching and learning.

Learning First, Technology Second in Practice

Building on the bestselling Learning First, Technology Second, this book helps teachers choose technology tools and instructional strategies based on an understanding of how students learn.

The Complete Edtech Coach

In The Complete EdTech Coach, they offer both aspiring and longtime edtech coaches a comprehensive plan for developing programs that truly serve students. With Juarez and Goyette's guidance, you'll learn how to meet educators where they are while still offering them the support necessary to reach for what's possible.

The Edtech Coaching Primer

K-12 schools worldwide are now evaluating how to better prepare for a disruption like the one caused by COVID-19. Schools were pushed into remote learning, and many were not prepared for such a jump. This is where The Edtech Coaching Primer comes in. This book illustrates how, with effective implementation, edtech coaching provides a training and support structure that can help schools transition from what was to what could be.

The Immersive Classroom

The Immersive Classroom highlights the possibilities of immersive technology to make a greater impact and reach all student populations. The book: Provides step-by step instructions for how to mix individual tools to create an ecosystem of immersive technology.

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