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Artificial Intelligence

In this guide, you'll discover information sources for teachers about how AI is being used in the classroom and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence Books Available in Your ATA Library

The AI Infused Classroom

Open-source, content-creating AI models are a relatively new addition to the education landscape—and they are the next step for digital tools. Author, Holly Clark, takes a future-oriented approach to technology integration in education. She offers teachers a thoughtful, practical guide for navigating AI in their classrooms

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Adaptive, automated, and data-driven education systems are increasingly being implemented in universities, schools, and corporate training worldwide, but the ethical consequences of engaging with these technologies remain unexplored.

Running with Robots

What will high school education look like in twenty years? High school students are educated today to take their places in a knowledge economy. But the knowledge economy, based on the assumption that information is a scarce and precious commodity, is giving way to an economy in which information is ubiquitous, digital, and machine-generated.

Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and the Redefinition of the Classroom

This book defines new approaches to personalize learning, including the use of artificial cognitive learning maps that mimic a learners' biological learning map, that can also be applied to a learner for truly personalized academic intervention recommendations. It encourages teachers to do more than passively read about new innovations and tools available to improve the practice of education, but also to apply these innovations to better prepare our learners to succeed within this 4th Industrial Revolution.

Virtual Reality Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Special Education

Recognising the positive role these technology can play in the learning of students assessed with special educational needs, this guide explains the benefits, risks and potential applications of new technologies in the classroom. The text will support teachers to ensure that students can benefit from exciting technological advances and learn to use them appropriately.

Artificial intelligence in schools

This book provides an excellent view on how teachers will be at the center of education in the digital age and on the impact that AI can have to enhance learning combined with great pedagogical practice.

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