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Educational Technology

This guide contains resources for digital storytelling, infographics, presentations, as well as free online journals on these topics

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Metaphors of Ed Tech

Never before has technology played such a central role in education…But why do apocalyptic metaphors abound in the field of ed tech and what purpose do they serve? As author Martin Weller explores, there is significant potential for the use of metaphor in ed tech…essential reading for anyone involved in education, but particularly those still determining the impact and potential of the unprecedented pivot to online learning in 2020.

Mindful Teaching with Technology

In this indispensable guide, Troy Hicks shows how to teach and model "digital diligence"--an alert, intentional stance that helps both teachers and students use technology productively, ethically, and responsibly. 

The Immersive Classroom

The Immersive Classroom highlights the possibilities of immersive technology to make a greater impact and reach all student populations. The book: Provides step-by step instructions for how to mix individual tools to create an ecosystem of immersive technology.

Leadership in Integrative STEM Education

In the face of complex local and global problems, there is a critical need to prepare PK-12 students to be innovative, resilient problem-solvers and well-equipped STEM-literate citizens. With focus upon integrated content, college and career readiness, authentic problems, and action-oriented pedagogies, integrative STEM education provides a promising approach to address this challenge.

The Complete Edtech Coach

In The Complete EdTech Coach, they offer both aspiring and longtime edtech coaches a comprehensive plan for developing programs that truly serve students. With Juarez and Goyette's guidance, you'll learn how to meet educators where they are while still offering them the support necessary to reach for what's possible.

Leveraging Digital Tools to Assess Student Learning

Digital media, emerging learning technologies, and handheld devices play larger roles than ever in students' 21st-century educational experiences. Digital tools, meanwhile, can also transform assessment practices for teachers, allowing more efficient means of identifying gaps and modifying instruction to maximize student learning.

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