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This guide has resources about Makerspaces as learning tools. **Find technology that you can borrow from the ATA Library!

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Invent to Learn

A new and expanded edition of one of the decade's most influential education books. "The bible of the maker movement in schools" includes new coverage of the BBC micro: bit, Scratch, littleBits, Hummingbird robotics, equity issues, and lessons from schools around the world. This practical guide provides K-12 educators with the how, why, and cool stuff that supports making in the classroom, library, makerspace, or anywhere learners learn.

Modern Leatherwork for Makers

Take leather crafting into the 21st century with this complete guide that marries traditional skills to the latest CNC and 3D printing technologies. Learn how to start making your own leather creations with traditional tools, and then take them to incredible new levels with digital design techniques.

Makers in Schools

The maker mindset sets the stage for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, empowering educators to guide their students to pursue a path of learning that is meaningful to them. Addressing a shifting culture in today's classrooms, we look to scaling up and infusing this vision in a classroom, in a school, and even in a district.

63 Ready-To-Use Maker Projects

This new compilation  spotlights a multitude of creative projects that you can tailor for your own library. Librarians and makers from across the country present projects as fun as an upcycled fashion show, as practical as Bluetooth speakers, and as mischievous as a catapult. Included are projects for artists, sewers, videographers, coders, and engineers. The handy reference format will help you quickly identify the estimated costs, materials, and equipment; and because several projects don't even require a dedicated makerspace, every library can join in. 

Your Starter Guide to Makerspaces

Students learn best when they are able to create and tinker and make. But how do you even begin when there are so many terms floating around? This book provides a fun, practical, and approachable framework for any teacher curious about getting started with maker spaces.

180 Days of Making

There are a lot of books out there on the Maker Movement, so how is this one different? Creating a class around making is not an easy task...until you've done it. We did it. And our program was wildly successful.Unlike other books, 180 Days of Making offers the perfect storm of the "why" and the "how." It reads like a hybrid documentary and visionary manifesto; a broad strokes road map for integrating making in your school, including all of the pieces necessary to create your own middle school elective course.

Makerspaces in School

Organized into an easy-to-follow, month-by-month plan for implementation, this book provides field-tested and research-based knowledge that will serve educators as they create and maintain a meaningful Makerspace. Through Makerspaces, project-based learning provides opportunities for credible, legitimate, and authentic growth and development. This book will allow any educator to walk away with a plan to create a Makerspace in his or her classroom or a school.

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