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English Language Learners

This guide contains resources for teachers of ESL students. These resources focus on language learning

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Radically Inclusive Teaching with Newcomer and Emergent Plurilingual Students

Learn how to enact curricular, pedagogical, and policy shifts that nourish students' linguistic repertoires, redefine teaching and learning as reciprocal endeavors, promote student-to-student interactions that help newcomers feel less isolated, and create opportunities for students to experiment with language in both academic and informal settings.

The ESL/ELL Teacher's Survival Guide

The newly revised 2nd Edition includes brand new chapters on: Working with Long-Term English Language Learners; Teaching English internationally; Teaching Elementary Age ELLs; Teaching Adult ELLs; Teaching ELLs with learning challenges; Culturally Responsive Instruction; Effective online instruction; Working with co-teachers and para-professionals. 

Powerful Practices for Supporting English Learners

This practical guide, grounded in compelling research and organized around essential questions and answers, is designed to help all educators build on their current competencies to authentically harmonize home languages and cultures in the classroom.

Enlivening Instruction with Drama and Improv

This engaging and complete resource has everything you need to bring drama and theatre techniques into the ESL, EFL, or World Language Classroom.

Teaching Creative Writing to Second Language Learners

Creative writing is a tool that can inspire second language learners to write more, play with language, and enjoy and improve not only their writing, but also their speaking, listening, and reading skills. Addressing the expectations and perceptions of writing in another language, Thorpe demonstrates how to foster successful creative writing environments and teach and assess creative writing in a way that is tailored to the distinct needs of non-native speakers.

But Does This Work with English Learners?

This is a book on how to leverage our ELs' full linguistic repertoires in the ELA classroom, while remaining sensitive to those barriers that could restrict learning.

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