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English Language Learners

This guide contains resources for teachers of ESL students. These resources focus on language learning

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Dispelling Misconceptions about English Language Learners

Barbara Gottschalk dispels 10 common misconceptions about ELLs and gives teachers the information they need to help their ELLs succeed in the classroom. From her perspective as a teacher of English as a second language, Gottschalk answers several key questions: *Who is an English language learner? *Why is it important to support home language maintenance and promote family engagement? *What are the foundational principles for instruction that help educators teach ELLs across the content areas? *How can teachers recognize and incorporate the background knowledge and experiences ELLs bring to class?

Art As a Way of Talking for Emergent Bilingual Youth

This book features effective artistic practices to improve literacy and language skills for emergent bilinguals in PreK-12 schools. It highlights how artistic practices can increase proficiency in emergent language learners and students with limited access to academic English.

Learning in a New Language

In Learning in a New Language, author Lori Helman offers educational leaders a guide to best practices for supporting students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in a school environment.. Helman discusses: *The importance of engaging families in forming a cohesive school community *The role of language in academic learning *Evidence-based strategies for literacy and content-area classrooms *Practical tips for where to start in supporting emergent bilinguals in the classroom

Teaching Reading to English Learners, Grades 6 - 12

For any student, middle and high school can be challenging. But for an English learner or striving reader--and the myriad words, phrases, syntax, texts, and concepts they must negotiate on a daily basis--the stakes seem a whole lot higher. This book supports teachers in developing strong teaching strategies to best support English learners in their classrooms

The Grammar Answer Key

The Grammar Answer Key is a collection of 100 questions submitted by ESL teachers--both novice and experienced and both native and non-native speakers--from many different countries around the world. The 100 questions are organized into 12 chapters on topics that teachers and students can relate to well: adjectives, articles, clauses, connectors, gerunds and infinitives, prepositions, pronouns, pronunciation, subject-verb agreement, suffixes, verbs, and vocabulary-grammar connections.

The Reading Turn-Around with Emergent Bilinguals

This book adapts the five-part framework for reading instruction to the specific needs of emergent bilinguals. Designed for teachers who have not specialized in bilingual instruction, the authors provide an accessible introduction to differentiating instruction that focuses on utilizing students' strengths, identities, and cultural backgrounds to foster effective literacy instruction.

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