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A compilation of teacher resources for learning and teaching about racism and anti-racism

Featured Books Available in Your ATA Library

Teachers of Color

Teachers of Color describes how racism serves as a continuous barrier against diversifying the teaching force and offers tools to support educators who identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of Color on both a systemic and interpersonal level.

The Racial Healing Handbook

A powerful and practical guide to help you navigate racism, challenge privilege, manage stress and trauma, and begin to heal…In so many ways, to heal from racism, you must re-educate yourself and unlearn the processes of racism…This book is not just about ending racial harm--it is about racial liberation.

Critical Race Theory and Its Critics

Who and what are behind the attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Why are attacks on the teaching of racism happening now and what can be done about them? In this book, López and Sleeter answer these questions in an effort to intentionally and strategically provide readers with sustainable tools for teaching toward an equitable future. 

Don't Look Away

Don't Look Away: Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms leads early childhood professionals to explore and address issues of bias, equity, low expectations, and family engagement to ensure culturally responsive experiences. Importantly, this book will challenge you to consider your perceptions and thought processes:

Reinventing Racism

This book offers a more constructive way to think about Whiteness, white privilege, and "white fragility," pointing us to a more promising vision for addressing racial inequality.

Strong Black Girls

Strong Black Girls lays bare the harm Black women and girls are expected to overcome in order to receive an education in America…Each chapter is punctuated by discussion questions that extend the conversation around the everyday realities of navigating K-12 schools, such as sexuality, intergenerational influence, self-love, anger, leadership, aesthetic trauma (hair and body image), erasure, rejection, and unfiltered Black girlhood.

Whiteness and Antiracism

Lally argues that the antiracism of most liberal White educators is bound within notions of White privilege that leave them caught up in feelings of guilt and shame. As one of those White liberal teachers, the author explores Whiteness with 10 of his White high school students in an effort to make sense of and move beyond unhelpful and counterproductive models of White privilege pedagogy.

The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop

This easy-to-use guide explains how to recruit, nourish, and fortify writers of color through innovative reading, writing, workshop, critique, and assessment strategies.

Antiracist Pedagogy in Action

This book provides precise definitions and concrete examples to demonstrate how antiracist pedagogy is a way of teaching and learning that engages past failures of American democracy in order to inspire students to take action toward fulfilling the promise of American democracy.

Racism in Southern Alberta and Anti-Racist Activism for Change

Seeking to shed new light on the prevailing mythology surrounding colonial settlerism, this collection presents a detailed examination of the various forms of racism faced by immigrants and Indigenous people living and working in Southern Alberta.

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