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Diversity and Inclusion

Resources for teachers about diversity and inclusive education

Featured Books

Universal Access Through Inclusive Instructional Design

Universal Access Through Inclusive Instructional Designexplores the ways that educators around the world reduce barriers for students with disabilities and other challenges by planning and implementing accessible, equitable, high-quality curricula.

Reimagining Special Education

This book helps K-12 school leaders and educators take the lessons of the COVID-19 era and turn them into action: by closely examining what worked during distance learning, letting go of practices that keep some students struggling, and planning new routines and environments that meet the needs of every learner.

English Learners with Learning Disabilities

This edited book is intended to offer a practical guide for general, special, and bilingual/English as a second language educators working with English learners (ELs) with learning disabilities (LD) in the K-12 inclusive classroom. Authored by leading scholars with expertise in the fields of special and bilingual education, the book provides educators with a solid foundation of the growing demographics of ELs in our schools, an understanding of second language acquisition, and further knowledge of the referral, assessment, and identification process.

Sustaining Disabled Youth

Sustaining Disabled Youth…brings together a collection of work that situates disability as a key aspect of children and youth's cultural identity construction. It explores how disability intersects with other markers of difference to create unique cultural repertoires to be valued, sustained, and utilized for learning.

The Resistance, Persistence and Resilience of Black Families Raising Children with Autism

The Resistance, Persistence and Resilience of Black Families Raising Children with Autism presents nuanced perspectives in the form of counternarratives of what Black families who have children with autism experience at the intersection of race, class, disability and gender.

Learning from Autistic Teachers

Contributors challenge assumptions and stereotypes whilst highlighting the unique strengths autistic staff can bring to schools when their own needs are accommodated. The book explores exclusion and identity, understanding and acceptance, intersectionality and facilitating inclusion.

Black, Brilliant and Dyslexic

These stories highlight the challenges, progress, successes and contributions of the black and dyslexic community, helping others to find their voice, feel empowered and be proud of their differences. It charts journeys from early childhood through to adulthood and, despite the lack of representation within the public arena, how black dyslexic people of all ages are changing the world.

The Autism Discussion Page on Stress, Anxiety, Shutdowns and Meltdowns

This book is full of proactive strategies for understanding, accepting and respecting the processing differences in autism. It contains tools for reducing sensory, social and mental drain, and offers strategies to protect from ongoing stress and anxiety.

How Teaching Shapes Our Thinking about Disabilities

This book purposefully connects practice to research, and vice versa, through the use of deeply personal stories in the form of autoethnographic memoirs.

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