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Diversity and Inclusion

Resources for teachers about diversity and inclusive education

Featured Books

Solutions Focused Special Education

Drawing on the work of innovative educators, this edited volume shows how adopting a solutions focused approach can offer new constructive ways forward for special education. Each chapter offers insights into how solutions focused thinking can reframe special education and the tangible results for children, families and schools.

What Really Works with Universal Design for Learning

Written for both general and special educators from grades Pre-K through 12, What Really Works with Universal Design for Learning is the how-to guide for implementing aspects of UDL to help every student be successful. Calling on a wide-range of expertise, this resource features an unprecedented breadth of topics, including content areas, pedagogical issues, and other critical topics like executive function, PBIS, and EBD

Your Students, My Students, Our Students

Your Students, My Students, Our Students explores the hard truths of current special education practice and outlines five essential disruptions to the status quo. Authorsshow you how to¿ Establish a school culture that champions equity and inclusion. Rethink the long-standing structure of least restrictive environment and the resulting service delivery; Leverage the strengths of all educators to provide appropriate support and challenge; Collaborate on the delivery of instruction and intervention; and Honor the aspirations of each student and plan accordingly.

Teaching Gifted Children

This collection of articles is sure to be of use to any educator of high-ability students. Topics included range from instructional methods across all content areas, including tips and tools for reading and vocabulary instruction, integrating STEM content, and engaging students in math, to identification, differentiation, and addressing gifted students' social-emotional needs. Articles also delve into issues around underachievement and underrepresented minority populations, as well as new classroom strategies such as Makerspaces and teaching growth mindset.

Motivating Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Written by three of the world leaders in research on motivation and classroom learning, this book seeks to provide teachers with an increased understanding of why particular strategies should be used with their pupils. It recognises the challenge of motivating children with learning difficulties and looks to help teachers enhance their skills and self-sufficiency.

Twice Exceptional

In an educational system founded on rigid standards and categories, students who demonstrate a very specific manifestation of intelligence flourish, while those who deviate tend to fall between the cracks. For twice-exceptional (2e) children, who have extraordinary strengths coupled with learning difficulties, the problem is compounded by the paradoxical nature of their intellect and an unbending system, ill-equipped to cater to their unique learning needs.

Building Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills While Reducing Emotional Dysregulation

Teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop the 'inner voice' needed to solve problems, this book's innovative approach will help children reach logical and appropriate solutions to everyday problems. This book shows students and professionals how to formally teach key skills for reasoning and problem-solving that aren't usually explicitly taught, such as planning, pausing and reflecting and increasing emotional regulation. Examples of implementing this new approach in different situations are given to show the many ways of teaching these cognitive skills to children with autism.

Smart Kids Struggling Readers

This book provides original insights and optional strategies for teaching bright struggling students. Addressing the multiple interferences to learning, the novel techniques ensure rapid skills mastery. Created to support Dyslexic learners, all students will benefit from the creative methods introduced

Educating Children with Life-Limiting Conditions

This title supports teachers who are working with children with life-threatening conditions in mainstream schools by providing them with the core knowledge and skills that underpin effective practice within a whole-school and cross-agency approach. Recognising the complexity of individual cases, the authors communicate key principles relating to the importance of communication, multi-professional understanding, and proactive planning for meeting the needs of any child with a life-limiting condition.

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