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Counselling Resources

Resources for counsellors and teachers about psychology, mental health issues, and violence

Books from Your ATA Library

Supporting staff mental health in your school

Drawing on case studies from years of experience working within schools and supporting staff mental health, Amy Sayer introduces the main issues affecting teaching staff and the strategies that can be implemented to change the conversation and ensure that mental wellbeing is placed at the forefront. This is an accessible, easy-to-read guide to setting up a culture in which staff may talk openly about the issues affecting them, prioritize self-care and re-discover their love of teaching

Girls Without Limits

Be the caring and positive force that girls need. In a world that is changing rapidly, it can be difficult to know how to foster effective communication and provide authentic support for the girls that we teach, parent, mentor, and coach. This book offers relevant insights and concrete strategies that will help you connect better with girls when they are facing all sorts of challenges.

Supporting Transgender Autistic Youth and Adults

Providing advice on how professionals working with autistic trans youth and adults can tailor their practice to best serve their clients and how parents can support their trans autistic children, this book increases awareness of the large overlap between trans identities and autism. By including chapters on gender diversity basics, neuroqueer trauma and how to support neuroqueer individuals, this book sets out strategies for creating more effective support that takes into account the unique experiences of trans people on the spectrum.

Trauma Doesn't Stop at the School Door

Given the prevalence of traumatic events in our world, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Gross argues that it is time for educational institutions and those who work within them to change their approaches and responses to traumatic symptoms that manifest in students in schools and colleges. These changes can alter how and what we teach, how we train teachers, how we structure our calendars and create our schedules, how we address student behavior and disciplinary issues, and how we design our physical space.

The Executive Function Guidebook

Teach some of the most important skills your students will ever need! Executive function skills--including self-regulation, focus, planning, and time-management--are essential to student success, but they must be taught and practiced. This unique guidebook provides a flexible seven-step model, incorporating UDL principles and the use of metacognition, for making executive-function training part of your classroom routine at any grade level.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in K-12 School Settings, Second Edition

Providing content that is conveniently embedded within current school-based delivery models, this text delivers a workbook of effective, easily applied cognitive-behavioral counseling strategies focused on helping children and adolescents with common mental health issues. School-based practitioners will learn the nuts and bolts of applied practice for fostering meaningful student outcomes, especially related to improving their patterns of thought, behavior, and emotional regulation skills.

Career Development Interventions for Social Justice

Career development interventions can serve as one means to constructively address the problems of inequitable access to educational and occupational options and achievement that promote health and well-being across the lifespan. This book offers practical examples of career development interventions that may be adapted to constructively address social justice needs at various points across the lifespan (ranging from elementary school ages to older adults) in educational, community, and employment contexts.

50+ Tech Tools for School Counselors

This book provides insightful descriptions of tools that can be used to not only enrich intervention and instruction but also guide decision making, streamline work, enhance communication, and promote happier students.

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