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Sexual and Gender Minorities

This guide contains resources for teachers to support sexual and gender minority students, allied students, and colleagues

Featured Books

Making the Case

This book is an important tool for anyone working to create an inclusive school environment or respond to rights-based conflicts within the school system.

Transgender Students in Elementary School

The book provides recommendations for creating learning environments that facilitate all students' sense of belonging and reduce the constraints inherent in binary gender norms.

Teaching Gender and Sexuality at School

Teaching Gender and Sexuality at School provides readers with the knowledge and resources they need to create safer and more positive classrooms and discusses what it takes to build authentic, trusting relationships with LGBTQ students and families.

How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place

This book gives teachers, governors and other staff the knowledge, strategies and confidence they need to implement a curriculum that is inclusive for all.

The Educator's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion

This book solves that problem. Setting out best practices and professional guidance for creating LGBT+ inclusive learning in schools,

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