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Forest School

This guide includes resources about Forest School and outdoor educational activities for students

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

50 Fantastic Ideas for Maths Outdoors

Designed to be used as a dip in dip out collection of easy to use ideas the author has tried to show how exciting outdoor learning can be developed on even the very smallest of budgets. As with all areas of early learning the author acknowledges the way that maths is integrated within play based exploration and linked to many other areas of learning.

Forest School and Autism

Forest School's innovative outdoor approach offers specific benefits to learners with autism, including increased social skills, raised self-esteem and improved sensory function. This guide raises autism awareness amongst practitioners by providing practical and easy-to-follow advice for adapting Forest School activities for those with autism.

A Forest Days Handbook: Program Design for School Days Outside

The Forest Days Handbook answers the frequently asked questions about choosing an outdoor classroom space, developing routines, building light infrastructure, and offers narrative examples of what a kindergarten Forest Day might look like. This book gives a passionate teacher the confidence to step beyond the schoolyard.

Forest School in Practice

It is an accessible read that takes the ethos of Forest School into new areas. There is theory here, but with a healthy focus on putting principles into practice, with case studies to further strengthen the key messages.
Practitioners will welcome the chance to see how Forest Schools can be used with older children.

A Little Bit of Dirt

Dandelion Bubbles, Rain Drums, Seed Bomb Lollipops and more! Bursting with creative hands-on outdoor science and art activities, A Little Bit of Dirt is full of motivation to get outside and explore. Whether you're investigating the health of your local stream, making beautiful acrylic sunprints with leaves and flowers, running an experiment with your backyard birds, or concocting nature potions, you'll be fostering an important connection with nature.

The Outdoor Classroom in Practice, Ages 3-7

This book offers comprehensive guidance on how the outdoor environment can be used to teach and challenge all children across a range of settings drawing on forest school practice. Following a month-by-month format, each chapter provides a selection of theme-related play experiences alongside planning and evaluations of how the ideas described were carried out, and reveals the impact that they had on the children.

Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms

This book is filled with guidance to help you plan, design, and create an outdoor learning program that is a rich, thoughtfully equipped, natural extension of your indoor curriculum. Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms promotes the idea that if you can do it indoors, you can probably do it outside as well.

Developing Young Children's Mathematical Learning Outdoors

Linda Keith provides detailed guidance and practical advice on planning mathematical experiences for young children outdoors in this book. By examining the key features of a mathematically rich outdoor environment, she illustrates how this can motivate children in leading their own learning and mathematical thinking.

Outdoor Science Lab for Kids

Learn physics, chemistry, and biology in your own backyard! In Outdoor Science Lab for Kids, Liz Heinecke has created 52 family-friendly labs designed to get you and yours outside in every season. From playground physics to backyard bugs, this book makes it fun and easy to dig into the natural sciences and learn more about the world around you.

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