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Forest School

This guide includes resources about Forest School and outdoor educational activities for students

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

The Essential Guide to Forest School and Nature Pedagogy

This accessible resource guides readers along the Forest School path, covering topics such as: the history of nature education; our sensory system in nature; Forest School ethos and worldview and playing and crafting in the natural world.

Green Teaching

Nature pedagogy encourages all educators to embrace eco-logical choices and to use nature as the location, resource and context for learning. The author draws on international research and case studies to offer a way forward, to embed green teaching and a nature-based pedagogy in practice and transform teaching with young children.

The Sky above and the Mud Below

David Sobel's follow-up to Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens walks readers through the nitty-gritty facts of running a nature-based program. Organized around nine themes, each chapter begins with an overview from the author, followed by case studies from diverse early childhood programs.

Forest School Wild Play

Aimed at parents, teachers and Forest School leaders, this new book from Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton is packed full of fantastic new Forest School activities. It has a special focus on the elements and on making children feel connected to the natural world through imagination and storytelling.

Decolonizing Place-Based Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education

This book draws attention to the urgent need for early childhood education to critically encounter and pedagogically respond to the entanglements of environmentally damaged places, anti-blackness, and settler colonial legacies.//the book highlights Indigenous presences and land relations within ongoing settler colonialism as necessary, yet often ignored, aspects of environmental education.

Place-Based Scientific Inquiry

Providing a contemporary perspective on how to do scientific inquiry in ways that can make students' experiences better, this book draws on authentic inquiry, engaging with communities, and teaching through project-based learning, to help students design and carry out scientific inquiry projects that are grounded in their local places.

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