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A guide of assessment resources for teachers

Featured Books Available in Your ATA Library


An age-old question universal to all teachers is, "How do we get our students to care about their learning?" Jackpot!

Successful science teaching

Improving achievement and learning engagement by using classroom assessment

Concise Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Assessment and Grading

Get answers to your most challenging questions about implementing effective assessment and grading practices.

Rebooting Assessment

Assessment is overdue for a technology-supported reboot, and this practical guide will help you do just that.

Student Self-Assessment

Increase the achievement of every learner with Student Self-Assessment.

Assessing with Respect

The book addresses the five SEL competencies identified by the Collaborative for Academic.

Assessment As a Catalyst for Learning

When designed in ways that inspire and motivate, assessment is a gift to our students.

Inquiry Mindset Assessment Edition

How can we . . .Help students see themselves in a more positive, confident, and personally fulfilling light?Cultivate the conditions for agency and equity in our classrooms and schools so all learners can thrive?

Literacy Is Still Not Enough

For learners to thrive, they must move beyond traditional literacies to modern fluencies. 

Giving Students a Say

Assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning, but too often it leads to misleading conclusions-sometimes with dire consequences for students. 

The ResearchED Guide to Assessment

A teacher's job is to create an environment where our students' engagement in learning proceeds towards an intended direction. 

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