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Educational Leadership

Resources for school administrators that are related to educational leadership

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

100-Day Leaders

Begin leading focused, meaningful change in your own school with the support of 100-Day Leaders by Douglas Reeves and Robert Eaker. Using this book to guide your school improvement plan, you will learn how to achieve a series of short-term wins that combine to form long-term success. Begin a 100-day action plan for educational leadership to effect significant school improvement: Become familiar with the 100-day leadership plan and the six stages of implementation.

Hashtags and Headlines

Today's administrators need to understand why, when, where, and how to market their schools to continue to serve their communities in the rapidly-changing educational climate. This book is reader friendly and offer practical solutions to current challenges that school leaders are facing. The book offers ideas and solutions to marketing challenges both big and small.

The Assistant Principal 50

In The Assistant Principal 50, Baruti Kafele presents reflective questions that encompass the breadth and depth of the assistant principalship—from finding your leadership "lane" to thriving and being an asset to your principal. Kafele infuses the book from beginning to end with personal anecdotes and accounts of both failures and successes from his years as an assistant principal.

Becoming a Transformative Leader

This exciting book explores the concept of transformative leadership and how leaders can create learning environments that are academically excellent, equitable, inclusive, and socially just. Grounded in research and real examples, Carolyn Shields presents an approach to leadership that is engaged, authentic, courageous, and effective in addressing the needs of today's diverse student bodies.


We live in a world where decisions require judgment, getting people on board, drawing on local knowledge, ingenuity, and commitment. As leaders, how do you get beneath surface-level change to tackle complex challenges with depth and clarity. Nuance is the answer. Michael Fullan returns with an eminently readable, compelling and practical guide on the three habits of nuance: joint determination, adaptability, and culture-based accountability.

From Teacher to Leader

Amazing. Exciting. Terrifying. Your first year as a school leader can be all those things at once. Whether you have already made the move into leadership or are wondering whether a role in administration is right for you, Starr Sackstein's insight in From Teacher to Leader will help you make the best decisions for yourself and those you serve. In this honest and practical guide, Sackstein prompts you to reflect as you stretch for personal and professional growth.

The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women

This important new book for Canadian women looks at the 10 key characteristics of today's winning leaders. These characteristics - like compassion, honesty, and authenticity - were once seen as feminine weaknesses in business. But today, they define the leader who strengthens organizations rather than undermines them. This book comes from the voices of experience, some 70 women who have participated The Judy Project, a leadership program run by the Rotman School of Management that has trained 400 women for future leadership positions.

Indelible Leadership

Make a deep impact today that leaves a growing legacy for tomorrow. Learn to lead well and leave a lasting impact with this compact, richly innovative book from the Corwin Impact Leadership series. Discover six leadership attributes to transform schools for the future.

Leadership in education

From their research, the authors make a case for a stronger role for the leader-as-provocateur: someone who subtly arouses curiosity and inquiry in the professional lives of educators and who models and promotes a robust method that guides powerful collaboration among school and district stakeholders. The book offers a core set of principles that, when supported by educator commitment and skill, will help schools and districts experience meaningful growth: the value of collaboration, the centrality of teams, the importance of relationships and the power of inquiry.

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