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Educational Leadership

Resources for school administrators that are related to educational leadership

Featured Books from Your ATA Library


Shaped by an awareness of changing economies, technology, and the climate emergency, [Futureschool] suggests specific ways that leaders can address the challenges of moving forward, grasping the opportunities presented by the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leading Within Systems of Inequity in Education

This timely guide will help leaders of color succeed within white spaces while working to dismantle those spaces for a new system where they-and students-thrive. As a leader of color, what do you need to succeed in the systems that often have marginalized the populations you represent?

The Deliberate and Courageous Principal

The author identifies five essential actions as well as five essential skills all leaders must adopt to run successful and healthy schools. By reading this book, K-12 principals will discover clear steps for how to strengthen their leadership and promote learning for all

Virtual PLCs at Work®

Professional learning communities (PLCs) provide the best possible environment for student learning and growth, but the need for virtual and hybrid classrooms has made it challenging for PLCs to thrive. With their book Virtual PLCs at Work: A Guide to Effectively Implementing Online and Hybrid Teaching and Learning, authors Paul C. Farmer and Dennis King provide a thorough guide for implementing the PLC process in virtual and hybrid classrooms.

Powerful Guiding Coalitions

This book serves as a resource for schools beginning their journey to becoming a PLC, schools already on the path, and schools looking to get back on track. It is a guide for principals and other school leaders, as well as a resource for members of a guiding coalition.

From Conflict to Collaboration

The book is a "how-to" guide identifying leadership characteristics and practical strategies that demonstrate how leaders can constructively channel a school's inevitable conflicts and instill a school culture that promotes group problem solving while honoring diverse voices.

Spirit Work and the Science of Collaboration

Built on eight school district cases of success spirit work inspires leaders and community members to join to create a positive powerful culture.

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