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Food Science

This guide focuses on resources for teachers who teach food science, food safety, and nutrition.

Books from Your ATA Library

Science and Cooking

Why do we knead bread? What determines the temperature at which we cook a steak, or the amount of time our chocolate chip cookies spend in the oven? Science and Cooking answers these questions and more through hands-on experiments and recipes[…].

Gather 'Round the Table

Food programming such as cooking can be an important tool in helping English language learners discover a practical use for a new language, as well as providing opportunities for socialization and conversation. It can be used to help GED seekers practice basic math. And, playing with food can be a sensory-integrative way to help new parents and their babies learn about healthy food choices.


tawâw [pronounced ta-WOW]: Come in, you're welcome, there's room…Born to Cree parents and raised by a Métis father and Mi'kmaw-Irish mother, Shane M. Chartrand has spent the past ten years learning about his history, visiting with other First Nations peoples, gathering and sharing knowledge and stories, and creating dishes that combine his interests and express his personality.

The Miracle of Salt

Naomi Duguid, who's taken food lovers to many corners of the globe, now invites readers and cooks on a very different journey--a deep dive into the miracle of salt and its essential role in preserving, fermenting, and transforming food.

Chemistry for Cooks

A fun approach to teaching science that uses cooking to demonstrate principles of chemistry for undergraduate students who are not science majors, high school students, culinary students, and home cooks.

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