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Gender Equity

This guide includes information on gender inequity, women in leadership, women in science, and women's rights

Featured Books

Being 10% Braver

Through the real-life stories of women leaders in education, drawn from across the #WomenEd community, this book offers guidance and inspiration on how to rise above challenging situations and find personal and professional growth. It's time to:Tackle imposter syndrome

The Lost Girls

An interrogation of the gender bias inherent in our education system and the damage it does to girls and boys, and an examination of the research that can change it all to create a more compassionate society that values traditionally female qualities.

In Good Relation

There is a need to further Indigenize our understandings of feminism and to take the scholarship beyond a focus on motherhood, life history, or legal status (in Canada) to consider the connections between Indigenous feminisms, Indigenous philosophies, the environment, kinship, violence, and Indigenous Queer Studies. Organized around the notion of "generations," this collection brings into conversation new voices of Indigenous feminist theory, knowledge, and experience.

Creating gender-inclusive organizations

This book is a must-read for practitioners and human resource and diversity leaders, as well as scholars and students focused on improving the effectiveness of gender diversity and inclusion initiatives within organizations.

Transgender Educators

This book is a call to action for justice for a marginalized community: transgender educators. The author argues that despite the increased visibility and pockets of acceptance of transgender people in general, transgender educators face job loss, loss of family members, poverty, and isolation by their school communities.

Invisible Women

Celebrated feminist advocate Caroline Criado Perez investigates the shocking root cause of gender inequality and research in Invisible Women--diving into women's lives at home, the workplace, the public square, the doctor's office, and more. Built on hundreds of studies in the US, the UK, and around the world, and written with energy, wit, and sparkling intelligence, this is a groundbreaking, unforgettable exposeì that will change the way you look at the world"--

Gender Ambiguity in the Workplace

A delicate exploration of the discrimination that gender-diverse people face, this book analyzes the relationship between gender identity and performance in the workplace while considering the emotional and economic survival of those who identify as transgender.

Digital Suffragists

In Digital Suffragists, Marie Tessier-a veteran journalist and a New York Times comment moderator for more than a decade-investigates why women's voices are outnumbered online and what we can do about it.

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