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This guide contains resources for educators focused on teaching mathematics

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Guided math lessons in third grade

Guided Math Lessons in third Grade provides detailed lessons to help you bring guided math groups to life. Based on the bestselling Guided Math in Action, this practical book offers 16 lessons, taught in a round of 3¯concrete, pictorial and abstract. The lessons are based on the priority standards and cover fluency, word problems, fractions and place value.

Guided Math Lessons in Second Grade

The lessons are based on the priority standards and cover fluency, word problems, operations and algebraic thinking, and place value. Author Dr. Nicki Newton shows you the content as well as the practices and processes that should be worked on in the lessons, so that students not only learn the content but also how to solve problems, reason, communicate their thinking, model, use tools, use precise language, and see structure and patterns. Throughout the book, you'll find tools, templates, and blackline masters so that you can instantly adapt the lesson to your specific needs and use it right away. With the easy-to-follow plans in this book, students can more work effectively in small guided math groups-and have loads of fun along the way

Activating Math Talk

Achieve High-Quality Mathematics Discourse With Purposeful Talk Techniques Engaging students in high quality discourse is important for their conceptual learning, but successfully promoting such discourse in elementary classrooms--with attention to the needs of every learner--can be a challenge. Based on research, Activating Math Talk tackles this challenge by bringing 11 practical, math-specific, productive discourse techniques to the classroom.

Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics, Grades K-12

A thinking student is an engaged student Sparked by observing teachers struggle to implement rich mathematics tasks to engage students in deep thinking, Peter Liljedahl has translated his 15 years of research into this practical guide on how to move toward a thinking classroom.

Captivate, Activate, and Invigorate the Student Brain in Science and Math, Grades 6-12

Discover engaging, brain-based science and math strategies that captivate students' attention, activate prior knowledge, and invigorate interest. Features a ready-to-use framework, content-specific attention grabbers, and more

Choosing to See

In Choosing to See, Pamela Seda and Kyndall Brown offer a substantive, rigorous, and necessary set of interventions to move mathematics education toward greater equity, particularly in serving the needs of Black and Brown students, who are underrepresented and underserved as math scholars.

Coding + Math

This book offers a deep dive into computer science integration, providing guidelines for designing elementary CS/math curricula through case studies and practical examples. Coding + Math offers the analytical foundation teachers need to inform their practice, specifically in mathematics. Grounded in research, the book's mini-lessons contrast visual-based coding with text-based programming.

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