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Language Arts

This guide contains resources for teachers of English Language Arts

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

The Writing Strategies Book

From composing with pictures all the way to conventions and beyond, you'll have just-right teaching, just in time. With Jen's help, educators will develop individual goals for every writer give students step-by-step strategies for writing with skill. She even offers suggestions for stocking your writing center, planning units of study, celebrating student writing, and keeping records.

The Joy of Syntax

In this mercifully brief tome (sorry grammar geeks), readers will find clear and concise answers to all of the grammar questions their students could possibly throw at them.

Text Structures from Fairy Tales

This book teaches students how to write using a text structure to organize their writing, then how to choose a text structure. With a little practice, students go from completely dependent on teacher guidance to completely autonomous designers of their pieces. The scaffolding leads the student, but also the teacher, toward more student choices.

A Novel Approach

Kate Roberts has seen the power of whole-class novels to build community in her classroom. But she's also seen too many kids struggle too much to read them--and consequently, check out of reading altogether. Kate's had better success getting kids to actually read - and enjoy it-when they choose their own books within a workshop model. "And yet," she says, "I missed my whole-class novels." She dives deep into the troubles and triumphs of both whole-class novels and independent reading and arrives at a persuasive conclusion: we can find a student-centered, balanced approach to teaching reading.

The Reading Strategies Book

Serravallo collects 300 strategies to share with readers in support of thirteen goals--everything from fluency to literary analysis. Each strategy is cross-linked to skills, genres, and Fountas & Pinnell reading levels to give you just-right teaching, just in time.

Writers Read Better: Nonfiction

We know that writing skills reinforce reading skills, but what's the best way to capitalize on this beneficial relationship? By flipping the traditional "reading lesson first, writing lesson second" sequence, Colleen Cruz ingeniously helps you make the most of the writing-to-reading connection with carefully matched, conceptually connected lesson pairs. The result is a healthy reciprocity that effectively and efficiently develops students' literacy skills.

The Megabook of Fluency

This book is packed with engaging text and tools, an assessment scale, and quality lessons including text phrasing and tonality, echo reading, word ladders, and more!

Learning Challenge Lessons, Secondary English Language Arts

In this book, you will find guidance for setting up and running lessons around topics as thought-provoking as exploration, language, fairness, time, and friendship. Each lesson has a set of resources to use with your students as well as recommended activities to make progress from first thoughts to deep understanding

Moving Beyond Personal Loss to Societal Grieving

Moving Beyond Personal Loss to Societal Grieving considers how secondary English language arts teachers can sensitively and thoughtfully teach pieces of literature in their classrooms in which large-scale deaths are a significant, if not central, aspect of the texts. This book provides resources for educators to directly tackle and discuss topics such as genocide, mass shooting, AIDS, and much more through the texts they read in their ELA classrooms.

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