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Visual Arts & Theatre

This guide contains teaching resources focused on art and theatre

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

The Language of Art

Typical art resources for teachers offer discrete art activities, but these don't carry children or teachers into the practice of using the languages of art. This resource offers guidance for teachers to create space, time, and intentional processes for children's exploration and learning to use art for asking questions, offering insights, exploring hypotheses, and examining experiences from unfamiliar perspectives.

The Art of Drama Teaching

This new edition of a classic book provides a multitude of practical ideas for teachers of drama and for those who are interested in using drama to teach other subjects. It takes the form of detailed discussion of twenty-five drama techniques including but not limited to: beginnings and endings monologue and narration off-stage action and reported action mime irony time shifts minor characters

Drama Games for Kids

Looking for refreshing, contemporary drama games that your kids and teens will absolutely love? Look no further. This brand new resource packed with 111 theatre activities that will spark life into your drama class....guaranteed! T

Why Theatre Matters

Kathleen Gallagher uses the drama classroom as a window into the daily challenges of marginalized youth in Toronto, Boston, Taipei, and Lucknow. An ethnographic study which mixes quantitative and qualitative methodology in an international multi-site project, Why Theatre Matters ties together the issues of urban and arts education through the lens of student engagement.

Art As a Way of Talking for Emergent Bilingual Youth

This book features effective artistic practices to improve literacy and language skills for emergent bilinguals in PreK-12 schools. It highlights how artistic practices can increase proficiency in emergent language learners and students with limited access to academic English.

Teaching Musical Theatre: the Essential Handbook

This new resource packed with 16 ready-to-go lesson plans that will turn your young performers into musical theatre triple-threats.

Studio Thinking from the Start

Students of all ages can learn to think like artists! This new edition shows how the eight Studio Habits of Mind and four Studio Structures can be used successfully with younger students in a range of socioeconomic contexts and school environments.

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