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This guide contains music resources for teachers

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Music Education for Social Change

Music has long played a role in activism and resistance. By drawing upon this rich tradition, educators can position activist music education as part of a long-term response to events, as a crucial initiative to respond to ongoing oppression, and as an opportunity for youth to develop collective, expressive, and critical thinking skills. This emergent activist music education--like activism pushing toward social change--focuses on bringing people together, expressing experiences, and identifying (and challenging) oppression.

World Music Pedagogy, Volume I: Early Childhood Education

World Music Pedagogy, Volume I: Early Childhood Education is a resource for music educators to explore the intersection of early childhood music pedagogy and music in cultural contexts across the world. Focusing on the musical lives of children in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 (ages birth to 7 years), this volume provides an overview of age-appropriate world music teaching and learning encounters that include informal versus formal teaching approaches and a selection of musical learning aids and materials.

Music, Education, and Diversity

This book provides important insights for education in music, the arts, and other subjects on the role that music can play in the curriculum as a powerful bridge to cultural understanding. The author documents key ideas and practices that have influenced current music education, particularly through efforts of ethnomusicologists in collaboration with educators, and examines some of the promises and pitfalls in shaping multicultural education through music.

World Music Pedagogy, Volume III: Secondary School Innovations

This book is not a depository of ready-made lesson plans but rather a tool to help middle and high school teachers to think globally in the music classroom. Strategies and techniques of World Music Pedagogy are promoted by discussions of a multicultural music education, descriptive vignettes of realistic teaching environments, conversations with culture-bearers/pedagogues, and prompts for self-reflection.

Music Outside the Lines

Maud Hickey offers both a well-grounded justification for teaching music composition and also a compendium of useful instructional ideas and classroom activities. .She also addresses some of the issues that affect teaching music composition in schools such as assessment, notation, and technology. Most importantly, she introduces a curricular model for teaching composition, a model which provides an array of composition activities to try in both the music classrooms and studio.

World Music Pedagogy, Volume II: Elementary Music Education

This book specifically addresses how World Music Pedagogy applies to the characteristic learning needs of elementary school children: this stage of a child's development--when minds are opening up to broader perspectives on the world--presents opportunities to develop meaningful multicultural understanding alongside musical knowledge and skills that can last a lifetime. Ethnomusicological issues of authenticity, representation, and context are addressed and illustrated, supporting the ultimate goal of helping children better understand their world through music.

The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music

This research-based book for art and music teachers outlines music- and arts-based teaching strategies to enhance your daily practice and promote the artistic expression, creative growth, and critical thinking skills of every student. Use this art and music education book to establish effective teaching strategies that inspire creative and technical skills.

Makerspace Sound and Music Projects for All Ages

This easy-to-follow guide shows, step-by-step, how to work with sound generation, recording, editing, and distribution tools. Co-written by a professional audio engineer and a dedicated maker-librarian, Makerspace Sound and Music Projects for All Ages gets you started designing, programming, and assembling fun music and audio creations right away.

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