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Taking Art to the Streets

This guide features resources, including videos and lesson plans, about street art and graffiti. The guide also provides background about the social context of street art.

New Books Available at Your ATA Library

Art in the Streets

The most comprehensive book to survey the colorful history of graffiti and street art movements internationally.

Graffiti Alphabets

"Each contributor has a distinct skill that refutes the mainstream view of graffiti artists as mere vandals." --New York Times Classic graffiti lettering and experimental typographical forms lie at the heart of street culture and have long inspired designers in many different fields.

Graffiti School

If you want to learn how to write graffiti this is the book you need. 

How to Draw Graffiti Art

Ever wonder how the heavy streets of New York City, Chicago, London have some of the craziest graffiti tags ever made and how you can come up with similar tags and pieces? Then keep reading!.. 

London Graffiti and Street Art

A collection of unique and inspiring photographs of London's rapidly changing graffiti and street art scene

Protecting Art in the Street

 Protecting Art in the Street explains, with words and images, how copyright laws apply to street art and graffiti, and how they can be of help to creators within these artistic communities. Knowledge about these issues does matter. 

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