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Early Childhood Education

This guide has resources specific to early childhood education, including online stories and activities, research and open access journals.

Featured Books at Your ATA Library

Coding, Robotics, and Engineering for Young Students

This curriculum emphasizes active, hands-on, and collaborative learning. Students are challenged to learn computer science content, such as coding and robotics engineering concepts, as well as practice high-level academic skills, such as creative problem solving, computational thinking, and critical thinking. Instructional practices balance screen time with active, collaborative classroom engagement. The lessons can be implemented as standalone enrichment experiences or as part of a coordinated scope and sequence.

Ethics for the Very Young

Ethics for the Very Young uses the perplexities of young children's lives to spark philosophical dialogue. Its lessons scaffold discussion through executive function games, dialogic reading of picture books and Reggio Emilia's art-based inquiry. In the process, children develop skills of dialogue and critical thinking through increased selective attention, self-control, cognitive flexibility and perspective taking.

Unsettling the Colonial Places and Spaces of Early Childhood Education

This book uncovers and interrogates some of the inherent colonialist tensions that are rarely acknowledged and often unwittingly rehearsed within contemporary early childhood education. Through building upon the prior postcolonial interventions of prominent early childhood scholars, the author reveals how early childhood education is implicated in the colonialist project of predominantly immigrant (post)colonial settler societies.

The Project Approach for All Learners

This guidebook helps you use this child-centered approach to reach and teach all learners in your early childhood classroom--regardless of background or ability. You'll discover how to support diverse groups of students as they study real world topics that fascinate them, play detective with peers to find answers to questions, and show what they've learned in interesting and creative ways.

Inquiry-Based Early Learning Environments

From the time of their birth, children want to know how the world works and actively seek out information. How educators respond to their questions is what this book is all about. Inquiry-Based Early Learning Environments takes an in-depth look at children's inquiry. What does inquiry look like in early childhood settings? How does the environment affect children's inquiries and teachers' thought processes?

Grit Resilience and Motivation in Early Childhood

Moving past the media buzz about grit, resilience, and motivation as proverbial silver bullets, the author provides early childhood educators with a much-needed focus on developmentally appropriate activities and expectations related to those terms. Illustrated with classroom case studies, caregiver and community resources, and teacher behaviors.

Hacking Early Learning

School readiness, closing achievement gaps, partnering with families, and innovative learning are just a few of the reasons the early learning years are the most critical years in a child's life. In Hacking Early Learning, Jessica Cabeen provides strategies for teachers, principals, and district administrators for best practices in preschool through third grade, including connecting these strategies to all grade levels.

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