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This guide contains resources for teaching about religions of the world and viewpoints about religion

Featured Books

The World We Used to Live In

In his final work, Native American scholar, Vine Deloria Jr. takes us into the realm of the spiritual and reveals through eyewitness accounts the immense power of medicine men. The World We Used To Live In , a fascinating collection of anecdotes from tribes across the country, explores everything from healing miracles and scared rituals to Navajos who could move the sun. In this compelling work, which draws upon a lifetime of scholarship, Deloria shows us how ancient powers fit into our modern understanding of science and the cosmos, and how future generations may draw strength from the old ways.

Catholic Primary Religious Education in a Pluralist Environment

Suitable for teachers, students, principals and diocesan advisors, this book explores the role of Catholic education in an increasingly diverse society.

Voices of modern Islam what it means to be Muslim today

This book explores the contemporary Muslim experience through first-hand interviews with over a hundred Muslims to raise awareness of what Islam is, as well as deepen understanding about the lived realities of Muslim people. Exploring key issues such as women and Islam, extremism and radicalisation, Sharia Law, homosexuality, and Islamophobia, the interviews look deep into what it means to be Muslim today. The voices of Muslims are showcased throughout the book to highlight the diversity and evolution of Islam, and to show its inherent complexities and contradictions. This book acts as a profound and poignant introduction to this religion.

People of the Book: an interfaith dialogue about how Jews, Christians and Muslims understand their sacred scriptures

In this book, three experts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam respectively discuss and debate this question, by exploring the core messages of the Torah, Bible and Qu'ran. Taking a deeper look at the wide range of theological, political and social issues that divide (and sometimes unite) their religions, they reveal how inspiration and guidance can be drawn not only on life's big questions such as sin and the afterlife, but also on societal issues including war, suffering, marriage and justice.

Bayanihan and belonging: Filipinos and religion in Canada

Filipinos make up one of the largest immigrant groups in Canada and the majority continue to retain their Roman Catholic faith long after migrating. Drawing on archival and ethnographic research in Canada and the Philippines from 1880 to 2017, Bayanihan and Belonging aims to understand the role of religion within present-day Filipino Canadian communities.

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