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Physical & Outdoor Education

This guide provides resources for teachers who teach physical education and outdoor education

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Behavior and Group Management in Outdoor Adventure Education

Outdoor adventure activities are becoming an increasingly popular part of physical education programs. The physical risks of these activities are often foremost in the minds of both instructors and participants, yet it is managing group behavior which can prove to be the most difficult. This is the first book for students and practitioners to address this essential aspect of outdoor adventure education (OAE).

Fitness for Life Canada

Through Fitness for Life Canada, students are engaged in the process of personal program planning for a variety of health behaviours including physical activity, fitness, and health eating. This evidence-based and standards-based program follows a pedagogically sound scope and sequence to enhance student learning and progress and presents the science of healthy living at age-appropriate levels.

Digital Technologies and Learning in Physical Education

This book examines the ways in which teachers are attempting to use digital technologies in PE. Presented as cases, each one is written by a PE practitioner, explaining how and why technology is used in their practice to advance and accelerate learning.

Teaching Fundamental Motor Skills 3rd Edition with Web Resource

This book will help you guide your students in mastering the critical elements of 8 locomotor and 17 manipulative skills. The approach offers a perfect balance between sound pedagogy and fun activities that will engage your students and keep them learning. The authors have organized the content in a way that makes it easy to locate and implement a multitude of activities that will help children grasp the fundamental skills.

Outdoor Leadership

This text will assist educators in developing eight core competencies that are based on professional standards and are the foundation of successful outdoor leadership, The authors, experienced outdoor leadership instructors who have worked in a variety of outdoor settings, outline the steps to mastering eight core competencies that not only help you develop leadership abilities but also help you meet current professional standards

Using Physical Activity and Sport to Teach Personal and Social Responsibility

In this text, Watson and Clocksin provide the practical tools for applying Hellison's Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) model to sport and fitness activities. You'll find samples of units, lessons, and assessments incorporating the TPSR model in teaching basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, team handball, tennis, yoga, fitness, and adventure education. An excellent text for the novice teacher, this book also offers information and techniques on facilitating youth development in a variety of movement settings and with diverse populations.

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming

This groundbreaking text provides adventure leaders with the tools and evidence they need to show that their outdoor programs are effective and have a lasting impact on their participants. Authors Simon Priest and Michael Gass have significantly updated the content, based on the latest research, issues, and trends in the field of adventure education and leadership. They have reorganized chapters to conform to their new model of building core competencies.

Teaching Children and Adolescents Physical Education

Expanded to address teaching across elementary, middle, and high school, this classic resource demonstrates the techniques and skills master teachers rely on. Many of these skills are illustrated with videos of actual K-12 teachers in action. This already-successful text goes beyond pedagogy to include concrete curriculum strategies for making classes vibrant, fun, and developmentally appropriate.

Physical and Health Education in Canada

Editors Joe Barrett and Carol Scaini called upon a distinguished group of physical and health education teacher educators, researchers, and field leaders from across Canada's provinces and territories to provide expertise for this book. These contributors have synthesized the relevant research on physical and health education teaching, as well as strategies rooted in decades of practical experience, to provide valuable insights from a variety of perspectives.

Building Character, Community, and a Growth Mindset in Physical Education

Building Character, Community, and a Growth Mindset in Physical Education is a highly practical and theoretically sound resource that will help you build a positive learning environment, teach valuable life skills, and inspire in students a desire to live active, healthy lives. It reinforces the many ways in which physical education and sport are the ideal setting to build college and career readiness skills. .

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