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This guide contains resources for educators about teaching mathematics

Featured Books from Your ATA Library

Teaching Math with Google Apps

"Why do I need to know how to do math when I can find the answer on my phone?" Alice Keeler and Diana Herrington reveal more than 50 ways teachers can use technology in math classes that go far beyond just looking things up. The goal is to help students develop critical-thinking skills and learn how to apply mathematical concepts to real life. Today's digital tools allow teachers to make math more relevant to students.

Math Fact Fluency

Mastering the basic facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is an essential goal for all students. Most educators also agree that success at higher levels of math hinges on this fundamental skill. This book offers everything a teacher needs to teach, assess, and communicate with parents about basic math fact instruction.

Math Workshop

Successfully implement the transformational math workshop model of instruction through five accessible, manageable steps: Step 1 Understand Math Workshop Step 2 Prepare Your Students for Math Workshop Step 3 Decide Your Math Workshop Structure Step 4 Facilitate Your Math Workshop Step 5 Reflect on and Refine Your Math Workshop

Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class, Grades 9-12

Kickstart your class with five daily 5-10 minute routines, all of which include content-specific examples, extensions, and variations for high school mathematics. This resource offers a year's worth of daily instructional material that you can use to begin each class period, and will help students frequently revisit essential mathematical concepts.

Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom

Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom (grades 6 - 10) explains how to keep inquiry at the heart of mathematics teaching and helps teachers build students' abilities to be true mathematicians. This book outlines basic teaching strategies, such as questioning and exploration of concepts. It also provides advanced strategies for teachers who are already implementing inquiry-based methods.

Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom, High School

In high-impact mathematics instruction, it's not only what works, but when. This hands-on sequel to Visible Learning for Mathematics puts visible learning strategies in action in high school classrooms to help teachers leverage the most effective teaching practices at the most effective time to meet the surface, deep, and transfer learning needs of every student.

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