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Social Studies

In this guide, you will find resources for teaching about social studies

Featured Books

Teaching about Genocide Vol. 1

Secondary level teachers and professors from various disciplines present their best advice and insights into teaching about various facets of genocide and/or delineate actual lessons they have taught that have been particularly successful with their students.

Bringing History Home

Bringing History Home focuses on how to make the teaching of high school history both an intellectual challenge and an experiential adventure. The book focuses on mobilizing pedagogy and curriculum through a variety of activities and resources-music, poetry, field trips, simulations, crafts, current news and civics-to deepen students' involvement with the subject matter.

Rebooting Social Studies

Those facts. Those dates. Those four walls. Those still and petrified fossils of traditional history courses. The goal of the social studies is to provide students with the tools necessary to be active and productive citizens. History teachers need to assist their students in developing problem-solving skills for real-life scenarios, and this can be done whether we teach students about Ancient Athens or modern Akron, Ohio. The same skills can be acquired by studying something nearer to the students' interests and everyday life. So, take a moment to take a step back from the history curriculum, and ask yourself: "What skills will my students need in five years?"

History Through Stories

Collection of stories for teaching history in primary schools with a set of follow-up activities for each topic. Stories cover commonly taught topics and are designed to be learned and retold orally by students. Each story comes with engaging and inclusive ways to link that story to history teaching, English literacy skills and other subject areas. A one stop shop for primary history teaching with stories that have been tried and tested in the classroom.

Tools for Teaching Social Studies

Engage your students AND keep your sanity with classroom-tested tools. Tools for Teaching Social Studies delivers a wealth of practical solutions for classroom success -- all grounded in solid educational philosophy. A lifeline for new social studies teachers and a source of inspiration and ideas for experienced teachers, this book offers you a boost at every stage of your career.

History Class Revisited

Learn new approaches to teaching history in middle school so students are more engaged in the big ideas and eager to examine the world around them. This practical guide will help you consider the unique needs of middle schoolers, who are in the midst of many social and emotional changes and need to see why the study of history matters to their own lives.

Teaching about Genocide Vol. 2

This book presents the insights, advice and suggestions of secondary level teachers and professors in relation to teaching about various facets of genocide. The contributions are extremely eclectic, ranging from the basic concerns when teaching about genocide to a discussion as to why it is critical to teach students about more general human rights violations during a course on genocide, and from a focus on specific cases of genocide to various pedagogical strategies ideal for teaching about genocide.

Learning to Be in the World with Others

In this book, H. James Garrett inquires into the processes of learning about the social world, populated as it often is with bewildering instances of loss, violence, and upheaval. Garrett illustrates ways that learning about the world does not occur in absence of our intimate relations to knowledge, the way learning sometimes feels like our undoing, and how new knowledge can feel more like a burden than an advantage.

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