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Educational Leadership

Resources for school administrators that are related to educational leadership

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We live in a world where decisions require judgment, getting people on board, drawing on local knowledge, ingenuity, and commitment. As leaders, how do you get beneath surface-level change to tackle complex challenges with depth and clarity. Nuance is the answer. Michael Fullan returns with an eminently readable, compelling and practical guide on the three habits of nuance: joint determination, adaptability, and culture-based accountability.

Relational Leadership in Education

Employing a phenomenological approach, this book explores the relational nature of education, Relational Leadership, and the organizational culture to provide a more sophisticated exploration of practice-based wisdom. It offers an extensive range of activities for further thinking on the experiential nature of Relational Leadership, grouped around a number of themes/

Evidence-Based School Leadership and Management

How do school leaders sort credible findings from dubious claims from the vast amount of research on what goes on in schools? This book is a practical guide to evidence-based school leadership demonstrating the benefits that can be gained from engaging with robust educational research and offering clear guidance on applying meaningful lessons to practice.;

The Astonishing Power of Storytelling

Master the secret to engaging any audience, from classrooms to colleagues.This guidebook shows how to leverage the power of storytelling to engage and persuade any audience. Featuring current cognitive neuroscience research, the book includes: detailed breakdowns of the essential elements all great stories share, and tips for supercharging your stories.

Leading with Intention

As a school leader, your influence and impact on students, staff, and families is beyond measure. The authors provide in-depth advice and actionable steps for creating a highly effective school culture that supports collaborative leadership and teaching, evidence-based decision making, and the belief that students are the top priority. Explore eight interrelated areas of school leadership that will assist you in becoming a more synergistic leader.


This book illustrates how system and school leaders must come together to boost student achievement and build teacher capacity to learn, teach and lead. By emphasizing collaborative processes, Lyn Sharratt'; detailed design demonstrates how shared knowledge, equity and expertise can make every classroom more impactful and every teacher more empowered.

Indelible Leadership

Make a deep impact today that leaves a growing legacy for tomorrow. Learn to lead well and leave a lasting impact with this compact, richly innovative book from the Corwin Impact Leadership series. Discover six leadership attributes to transform schools for the future.

Women Leading Education Across the Continents

This volume explores the status of women in educational leadership internationally, the factors that affect their leadership, their personal experiences and stories, and their work within the broader context of human rights. The journey of discovery in these pages invites titiro whakamua--looking toward a world for the good of all people.

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