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This guide contains great resources for teachers about teaching

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Teaching with Compassion

In a world where students are often seen as test scores and not as human beings, where their well-being is challenged by poverty, intolerance, and bullying, and where technological innovations frequently erode genuine personal contact, compassionate teachers are needed more than ever. Teaching with Compassion offers practical tools and strategies designed to help educators foster a culture of care and compassion.

Teacher's Field Guide

Fifty percent of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Of those who stay, most go through periods of burnout. This book offers tips, tools, and strategies to lessen the stress, and increase the joy in teaching. It supports each teacher in seven important areas of their personal and professional lives:

Responsive Teaching

Based on research from cognitive science and formative assessment, Fletcher-Wood ensures teachers can offer all students the support and challenge they need -- and can do so sustainably. Written by an experienced teacher and teacher educator, the book balances evidence-informed principles and practical suggestions.

Real Talk about Classroom Management

This book delivers vital information every teacher needs to effectively manage the classroom, and prepare students with the social skills and communication tools they'll need to succeed tomorrow's world. This book gives advice on: Making the pivotal first weeks of school count; Forming positive relationships with students; Inspiring creativity and maintaining discipline through curriculum and instruction; Utilizing other adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) as resources; Wowing your students with "spins" and making a lasting emotional impact; and Staying sane.

Bring the World to Your Classroom

With a focus on global citizenship, this book will move you and your learners forward as you learn to make meaningful connections to the world around you. Packed full of how-tos and sample projects!

The Beginning Teacher's Field Guide

The joys and pains of starting a teaching career often go undiscussed. This field guide dives deep into the personal side of teaching, offering crucial advice, empathy, and new-teacher support. The author details six phases every new or first-year teacher goes through (anticipation, survival, disillusionment, rejuvenation, reflection, and second anticipation) and outlines targeted classroom strategies, teaching tips, and self-care practices for each.

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